because i got high

Friday, Aug. 09, 2019, 5:56 PM

so i'm currently writing this under the influence of weed brownies. that haven't really kicked in yet although i do feel "lighter". i've never had a weed brownie that was actually tasty. normally they aren't sweet nor do they taste like weed brownies. but the ones i got today, they taste delicious. she made one all peanut butter and the other, chocolate peanut butter. she also had a cheese cake brownie but i'm already spending twenty. no need to spend more money and i have to have to go out of town next week.

this was probably the wrong day to indulge and definitely the wrong way to indulge. i'm off work tomorrow so i'll have another day to sober up. as of this sentence, i have completely devoured 2 palm-size brownies. it's going to make for an interesting night.

it's now 2pm the next day :) the brownies kicked in and i got well more than 12 hours sleep.

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