selling pieces of me

Sunday, Sept. 08, 2019, 11:35 PM

i'm thinking of a few ways to pull in more money. i'm thinking would it even be worth it to get another job when they are going to tax the hell out of me during tax season. i just don't understand how you can work 2 jobs to make ends meet and they want the money you actually bring home for taxes. insanity. i don't think it's worth the hassle. although the idea of going back to amazon is inviting just for the paid exercise. there are 3 locations in the area. the one that is closest to me is not hiring, Lord knows only why, but they are hiring at the one that is the second closest to me. i'm just not sure it's worth the effort. i have to wait until the weed brownies leave my system. it's been about a month since i've had the last one. i have no clue how long it's going to take. i think i should it a few more weeks. but by the time i get ready to apply, peak season would have hit and they will be offering copious amounts of overtime. but what can i do in the meantime?

i thought about uber and lyft...but i don't want people in my car. the last thing i want is to be put in a situation that is potentially dangerous. i thought about postmates and ubereats as well, it's safer but it's not worth putting the mileage on my car.

so i have the last 2 options, find another job that just pays more or sell things that i don't use anymore. i have a couple of rings that i haven't worn in decades. my mom's perfume that she didn't wear that smells god-awful. there are some local pawn shops i can sell the ring. i can sell the perfume on ebay, although, i believe they would be best to sell around mother's day.

i signed up to get some counseling. there some services provided through my job that i'm going to take advantage. primarily some life coaching and feeling down/depression symptoms. i started my period yesterday and i'm raking myself over the coals. i think it's hormonal because i'm just hating myself right now. i wasn't feeling this way last week. i want to take time off work to get my head together but i can't trust the insurance people that handle short-term disability to not screw up my pay. i've heard nightmare stories of people losing their cars, apartments, etc because they can't get their crap together. one person i know had to come back to work before the doctor recommended because the insurance company is incompetent.

so there's that.

i'm making it more of a point to be social because i realize just how much this job has made me a recluse. instead of focusing on how much i hate the aspects of my job it's affected my personal life which it shouldn't do. i have control over my personal life. i'm letting hate rule my life instead of love. i believe i'm a tad insane.

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