210ish, 70 more to go.

Sunday, Nov. 01, 2020, 5:38 PM

so i have some good news. i was feeling pretty good this morning and contemplated my current weight. i haven't weighed myself at home in years but today i pulled out my scale and hopped on the truth teller. without working out and just being vegan, i've dropped about 10 pounds since Aug 14th. now if i just apply some effort into workouts i'll drop so much more.

i did make a couple of notable changes in this last month. 1, i stopped ordering food nearly as much. i think i ordered food twice last month. 2. i've stopped buying processed vegan foods like daiya pizzas and meat replacements (except tofu). i've noticed with the processed foods i'm dragging, sleepy and my mood is knocking on depression's door. i even have to be careful with pasta. i was craving pasta with a pumpkin sauce. i found a recipe that needed some serious doctoring with the seasoning. even though it was homemade, i don't have the energy level that i would have if i had eaten something nutrient dense. instead of cleaning the kitchen i want to take a nap...the direct opposite of how you are supposed to feel after you eat. well, you live and you learn.

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