it's still not over #45

Sunday, Nov. 08, 2020, 4:05 PM

i thought i drop in after recent events. biden and harris won the ticket, however, i'm still concerned. i won't breathe deep until inauguration. i have no doubt with all the lawyers and judges that trump bought, he will find a way to overturn the electoral college and the votes that went against him. these are frightening times. there are still roughly 70 days left and there is a lot of time and opportunity for backdoor deals that will be made between then and now. i'm still continuing to pray. some friends that i consider strong spiritually all agree that this election isn't over. trump isn't going away. i asked a friend that why we are dealing with this type of president because i'm quite baffled. she said he is america manifested. divisive, self-absorbed, and unaccountable for our actions by blaming others.

"its not over. its still not over." - the notebook

just when i thought this fool is was out of our least the highest office in the land. i'm going to cry.
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