45 pt. 2

Thursday, Apr. 15, 2021, 10:18 PM

so this month's deviation is harder to come back from than originally planned. i'm not fasting on friay and saturday like i had been all year. i have to get back in the mindset of being focused on God on those 2 days so i can get stronger spiritually. i'm also eating a bit more. i'm eating after 5pm which i wanted to stop to implement intermittent fasting. it does help tremendously.

i tried on my jeans that i had when i was 17. i was so small. they are a size 10 from 1993. small for today's standards for a size 10. they are my favorite jeans. full of holes with a button fly. 20 bucks on sale. i tried them on knowing they wouldn't fit. my heart was a bit broken. out of the 5 buttons, i could only get 2 of them to fasten. the top three weren't close enough to get acquainted. honestly i'm saddened by it. i have so far to go. this is the time where i start to lose motivation but discipline has to kick in.

i don't know how i'm going to do it by august but i have to do it. i think april's progress will be minimal but it will still be progress. by the time i get done with class i'll be ready to kick the weight loss into overdrive.

school is kicking my butt. i love anatomy but i'm still not in love with physiology...yet. i don't know how i'm going to get through it but God will make a way.

i'm getting sleepy. i'll finish this tomorrow. pt 3 :)

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