some catch up

Thursday, Apr. 15, 2021, 9:08 PM

i'm going to try to fill in some holes from my last entries.

a few weeks back i had a leaky faucet (still do actually, haven't made time to run by lowes to get a replacement part). i felt pressed to ask someone about it before the plumbing guy came out. dallas replied back to me and asked probing questions about the leak. he asked me about a pressure reduction valve. he sent me a pic of what it looks like and asked me to go in the basement to look for it. wasn't there. he told me to ask the plumber about it the next day. i ask the plumber to check it out... i kid you not, the plumber's eyes did cartwheels when he saw that the valve was not there. first the house should have never passed inspection...not once, not twice, not three times and for dang sure not have been in one piece for the last 20 something odd years that it's been standing. it cost me about $400 to get one added to the house. so close to paying off my credit card and this pops up.

the following week to the day, i get in the car to take tiffany to an appointment. i notice that my seatbelt was caught in the door. i go to start the car and it's as dead as a doornail. i call my roadside assistance. they come out to jump my car. they were out in about 30 min and my car was good to go. i take her to her appointment, run an errand then we stop to get wine. we get back in the car and the car won't start again. this time the lights come on but it won't kick over. i text dallas 911 for help. after more probing questions, he figures out that the battery is too old and needs to be replaced. i went to napa to buy a battery, however, they said wouldn't install. i run around town trying to find a place that would install it but i had to buy a battery from them. so i go back to napa to return the battery and they offered to install it for free! yayyyyyy!!! it seemed as one of the guys was flirting with me. that threw me for a loop. no one has flirted with me so long.

God is good! not only did i get this battery installed from a place that doesn't install batteries but my battery didn't die while i was doing harder driving. and i learned more about how batteries work. i took a hard hit financially in the matter of 7 days but it could have been a lot worse. judeska sent me money. another person sent me $25 for my birthday grateful that people thought of me.

i was very grateful to dallas. i bought him and his family cookies as a thank you for saving my house and car. dallas is hilarious. if i actually met him in college i think i would have tried to have a relationship with him. but who knows. i was such a different person back then. my tastes were different. i actually have a small crush on dallas. but he's married so i limit my interaction with him.

my friend, zal, is getting married. i'd like to go to her bridal shower. but i i think it would be more economical for me to send gifts. i'm not trying to put myself in debt again for travel. and i'm really trying to stay out of debt and covid-free. it took half my stimulus check to pay off my credit card. i really don't want to run it up again.

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