half birthday winning

Monday, Oct. 04, 2021, 10:32 PM

it's my half-birthday! i'm officially 45 and a half!

i got a great gift! i prayed and God said yes...now it is time! i got a new job! (insert joyous hysterics). it's with a sister company so no pay increase but virtually no stress. instead of taking anywhere from 70-100+ calls a day, i will take about 15 and write a few emails. i'll be able to study and focus on school while i'm working. it will cost me 2 saturdays a month and a later schedule starting at 10-7pm...so be it. to be free from the monsters called the general public will be sweet bliss.

i celebrated by eating as many thai dumplings i could shove down my throat, a glass of red wine and netflix.

i needed to be studying and my celebratory feelings got the best of me. i'm going to knock it out of the park tomorrow. i have 2 days to finish everything. that's going to be a serious cram.

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