i passed :)

Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, 6:08 PM

Great news! I passed my CNA exam this morning :)

I know I don't want to use it as is but it will help me get to where i need go. I'm trusting God on this. I just wish I was able to do this years ago. alas, my steps are ordered by God so I can't cry over what can't be changed.

I caught myself slipping the last couple of days. I didn't prioritize spending time with Him. Today I made sure I prayed, worshipped and read. I feel better. I need to meditate.

Before I go, I'll say this. Being an adult is harder than I ever thought it would be. Or perhaps, being an adult is harder than it has to be because mediocrity has held my hand for far too long. There is a book I need to read called "good to great". Never fails. When I win, I still set myself up for a knockout.

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