new beginnings, a dream and screenings

Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, 5:31 PM

so i'm officially free. when i clocked out on thursday i started screaming, "i'm free! i'm free! i'm free!". i queued up some praise music and started breaking down the equipment. i ran to the basement got the boxes and packed everything away. i talked to my supervisor about taking everything in the office since i was going to be in the area the next day. she said that i have to wait for labels to mail them back. :| they tried that with tiffany last year. they were short a label and she had to come out of pocket to mail back the additional package. she had to make a fuss to get reimbursed. i made sure to get a screenshot of my sup telling me not to take it into the office. it was the very excuse that the company tried to stand behind that reasoning as to not reimburse her. they finally caved and gave her a gift card to replace those funds.

i set up my new equipment so i can look at a new beginning. it's a lot cleaner and more stream line. i went from 2 large monitors (that i didn't mind), a thin client, corded mouse and my huge ergonomic keyboard that covered my entire desk down to 1 medium sized monitor, a small macbook, apple keyboard and mouse. i can actually see my desk.

i'm excited about my remaining class but i'm dragging my heels. i have an opportunity to learn in a new way that will allow me to be successful. but what am i doing? finished bingeing squid games and you.

i'm excited to start training on monday.

i had a weird dream a few days ago. there was something in my right breast, like a coin purse. those rubber containers that you squeeze to expose the slit to slide in coins. in my dream, i could rotate it around in my breast. it was just weird. it could be some anxiety about having to get a mammogram done next month. getting older is so much work. i have to schedule a mammogram, sonogram for the fibroids and a first endeavor for a colonoscopy. lord, i miss being 25 and health screenings not being a major issue.

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