changes will come

Tuesday, May. 03, 2022, 9:56 AM

i'm trying to convince myself to embrace change. it's going to happen regardless if i'm on board or not. might as well go in embracing the inevitable instead of kicking and screaming, right?

my period finally started after being late for 9 days. it's a very confronting circumstance. change has been a theme over the past couple of years. my body. womens' bodies. roe v wade. equal rights. voting rights. from every angle the past is fighting the progress of the future and in some cases reversing it all together. it's mind boggling that the supreme court won't correct blatant and illegal gerrymandering that denies people of color voting power 9 months before voting begins, but yet, they can vote in secret and undue about 50 years of progress virtually overnight and will cause of domino effect of chaos for years to come.

my progress with learning spanish has slowed down a bit. i'm preoccupied with life, school, imposter syndrome, etc but learning spanish does provide an escape from the anxiety and the stress. it's a nice stress reliever. i've started coloring between calls as well. being creative helps with the monotony of this job.

i've decided i want a job completely off the phones. i'd be willing to reduce it down to 1 day a week but i don't want to deal with any escalated calls. people are getting denser by the minute and it's testing my mental fortitude.

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