fighting the aging process.

Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, 10:52 PM

i did a lot of running around on wednesday. i went to a new chiropractor that keith recommended. he looks like a teenager but seems fairly knowledgeable. he took x-rays and showed me a couple of problems that i need to resolve. my hips are at an angle causing a lot of pressure in my lower lumbar. the other issue that needs immediate attention is i'm carrying an extreme amount of stress at the base of my neck. there is very little space between two vertebrae. i made mention that i'm feeling a very sharp pain going down my left arm that started about 2 weeks ago. he said that is a symptom of what's happening in my neck. i have to remedy it the best i can because the pain that i'm feeling is unbearable even though it's a low.

the chiropractor gave me a couple of quick adjustments which took a lot of pressure off my hips and and neck. he pressed on an area of my upper back and asked if they felt tender. i said that back is so tight that i can't even tell. i told him that i was going to my massage therapist later so hopefully i'll get more relief.

to be honest, the pain that i've been feeling has been scaring me a bit. i really have to focus on taking better care of myself. i'm not 20 any more. i'm extremely close to 50 and perimenopausal so i have to be more proactive by making my health a priority.

i ran to get my fourth booster shot. i have a sore lump on my arm about the size of half walnut shell. weird. but i feel more comfortable going into the winter season.

my massage therapist touched my back, "THAT'S NOT TIGHT AT ALL!!". yeah, i laughed. i'm always tight so for her to even say that i was worse than usual. even got to the point she offered to keep working on my back in lieu of working on the back of my legs. my legs were extremely fatigued from exercise so i couldn't choose. she went above and beyond to help me. when she got done my mood lifted. i hadn't realized that i've been feeling so depressed because i was in pain. i even called in sick on monday because my mood was so low. i almost started crying because the difference was that blatant.

i had a desk treadmill delivered last week and it's been giving me the business. i've been walking for hours on end on it while i've been working. the new chiropractor said that i'm making the right changes for better health so i'll keep doing it. thanks to this treadmill, today is the first day i was able to walk 5.5 hrs while working. got in over 10k steps. even though it's good, the down side is that i'm super stiff when i dismount. i have to make a beeline to stretch as soon as i get done.

more good news! i was complaining about my back to a coworker and she said that i should sign up for hinge health through my job. best advice i've received in a very long time. they sent me out a free tablet along with some body sensors to perform guided physical therapy. i go through a variety of repetitive exercises to help with my back. as elementary as the movements are, i find that they are effective. i do wish to increase the repetitions. hopefully, i can make some modifications.

i have to work in the morning so i'm going to call it a night.


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