Happy New Year 2023!!!

Sunday, Jan. 01, 2023, 5:01 PM

Happy New Year 2023!

i didn't want the day to go by without me wishing my D-land friends a Happy New Year's Day :D

I wish you all prosperity, spiritual growth, and true joy.

i've been doing a considerable amount of self-reflection over the past few days. i don't want do a new year's resolution because i never seem to get anywhere with it. however, i do want to primarily focus on for this year is forgiveness (it's not an instantaneous act) so i can be spiritually free, spiritually and physically displined, making God a priority by spending more time reading my bible and listening to sermons, and to focus on nutrition instead of losing weight.

i contemplated contacting 'A' this morning while i was perusing instagram. no sooner as that thought crossed my mind, a mel robbins' reel started playing stating that "if they wanted to they would, no response is a response, and not everyone has the same values, same goals or the same heart that i do." that wasn't a coincidence. not only did i decide not to contact him, but i also prayed asking God to help me forget about him and move on. i want to wake up without him coming across my mind. the only reason why it's still happening is i've been single for over a decade and i long to be touched. memories die hard.

i'm off to get my life in order. ttys. #smoochies

btw, it's official! i've been vegan for ONE YEAR!!!! i'm excited for what i learn about nutrition for year two.

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