my life is about to change. i'm scared but i'm going to do it scared.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023, 10:30 PM

i've finally made it a priority to write.

well, it's a struggle to stay focused as i watch henry cavill portray superman. i can't believe DC fumbled the ball by not continuing with him as superman. with everything they got wrong with the universe, cavill is practically the only thing they got right. so now i'm just watching cavill as much as i can.

anyhoo, i have big, big news. i'm moving to arizona. i've only told a few people. i'm scared but i'm going to do it scared. the reason why i'm scared is because i only know of my life in kansas/missouri and for a short time in virginia for school. i just exist here. i don't live and i don't thrive. it's time to do both elsewhere.

if i had made this move last year, tiffany could've made the trip with me helping me with rent. but since she's entered the last phase of her immigration, she's not allowed to leave the state. the last phase can last anywhere up to 9 months and she found out two days after i told her i was moving. so she's scrambling trying to find a studio apartment in the area on a month-to-month lease. all she's planning on getting is an air-mattress and a desk to do her work. that's going to a meager existence but she's going from paying $350 to about $1000 a month in rent. i get it.

i've been looking at the cost of rent in tucson. it's high. i'm praying for a miracle that i can find some place that's reasonable, in a good neighborhood, and convenient to the city/school. i go to tucson this weekend to scout out the area. i get in pretty late friday night, i'll have the entire day to venture out then leave sunday morning.

as soon as i repair and update some things, i'm renting out my home. i get about $1600-1800 in rent each month.

oh yeah, i'm giving back the family heirlooms. more specifically, the bedroom suit and dining room set. they just don't fit the area and i want a fresh start. besides, i don't feel comfortable traveling with them 3 states away. if any thing got damaged i'd have a fit. instead, i'm going to rent a storage facility near my father's home and have the furniture put there for about a month. i'll give him a note telling him he has x amount of days to pick it up before they auction off the contents. i'll do all this after i leave. perhaps i'll send a certified letter with a key/code. i think that will be my better option. just in case anything else happens to him, i think i'll add my cousin to the list as well. i'll have to leave her a fb note since i don't have her contact info. perhaps i'll bypass him altogether and notify her.

since i'm giving back so much furniture, i really don't need to rent a house. i would like a 2-bedroom apt. i want to have my work space and sleep space separate.

my life is about to change. it's gotta be better than this.

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