failing at adulting and jamaica bound

Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, 1:28 AM

i've been talking to 'A' a lot more. we've been having more heart to heart talks. some of it i take with a grain of salt because life lessons. you live and you learn.

i am uber busy. i'm still not remotely packed for my trip and i HAVE to pack because i'm out of here bright and early sunday morning. i have to leave myself a note to check in at 6am. i have everything to do when i wake up from cutting the grass, wash clothes, clean and pack. i must not forget my passport nor a fresh purse to use. a friend gave me some fireworks that i slipped in my purse without thinking. the last thing i need is to have TSA perform a cavity search on me.

just fyi, i suck at adulting. i unwittingly and unknowingly let my health insurance expire and i've been riding around for about 2.5 months without any coverage. i purchased short-term insurance within 10 minutes of me finding out. that was a huge scare. God looks out for fools and babies. i happened upon this tid bit of info when i got a mammogram thursday and i got a call back stating my insurance card was no longer valid. so i have to come out of pocket for $200 bucks but it's better i find out now than after something terrible happened.

if my mammogram comes back in the clear i may just go ahead and get my nipples pierced. i'm about 95% sure i wanna do it. my biggest concern is wearing thick enough bras so the bars won't show through. i wear thin shirts and i'm a bit self-conscious just when my nipples pop have bars be that obvious...nooooooo. boys are pervs and girls can be real b!tches.

anywho, i'm going to catch a quick nap before the morning rush to get crap done before i head out.

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