2 spoons full of sugar is apparently bad

Wednesday, May. 17, 2017, 11:34 PM

i bought some protein bars over the weekend not realizing they are fairly high in sugar. 12g per bar. i ate two today and i think it the sugar is negatively affecting my mood. i am noticing myself lazier, clingier, and sad. i either need to toss them or give them away. it could also be my cycle is due any day now and it's playing havoc on my hormones...but i know the sugar doesn't help hormones either. being a woman can be a mofo any freaking day of the week. this shyt isn't easy but i guess life was never meant to be easy in the first place. epiphanies.

i essentially skipped my workout today but i'm going to do 20 minutes of power hooping to say i did something before going to bed.

i'm a little concerned if my new position is going to do drug testing. i had 40mg of weed-infused baked goods while i was in seattle early last month for my birthday. all the research that i did online was inconclusive on how long it will take to leave your system. basically, all the documentation said it basically depends on your metabolism, how much you ingested and how long ago you ingested it. hopefully, with me losing weight and detoxing that it's already out my system. i may have to pick up a drug test at the pharmacy just so that i won't have any surprises.

my fridge is making some sort of noise. i may be in the market for a new fridge soon. fun times #adulting

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