big girl panties

Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, 9:55 PM

chiefs just lost the AFC championship. i was purposefully not watching because for some apocryphal reason i feel like i'm bad luck and will jinx the game. i didn't watch but did keep tabs on the score. from what i read we lost due to a penalty from our defense. but hey, que sera sera.

after they lost i started having some sort of panic attack. i reached out to mark but he's not trying to have a conversation. he's less talkative these days. i want to talk to 'A' but why? maybe because i'd be so focused on him that i'd stop thinking about this anxiety that came out of nowhere. but he can wait. i'll give it another 3 months before deciding if i'll contact him again. me not dealing with anxiety is irresponsible. i need to deal with it without self medicating. i'll cover myself in prayer instead of using people to make me feel better.

maybe i'll grow up this year. one can only hope.

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