thanksgiving 2020

Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020, 7:52 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got up this morning thankful for the day. I pushed myself through a 45-min workout and 20 min of a weighted power hoop. I'm really out of shape and overweight. even though i'm starting back after months of inactivity, this round iteration feels harder. i'm older and more sluggish. i'm definitely missing my youth. i even noticed a plethora of greys on my genitals. upsetting. can you imagine a genital piercing surrounded by greys? i feel like waxing everything now.

age is a gift. i need to learn how to embrace it. i saw that there was 4-yr old killed yesterday during a domestic violence dispute and here i am complaining about some greys on my snatch. that kid will never seen 5 and i've seen it about 9 times already.

tiffany is here so it's good to have some company for a holiday. we've been couch surfing the entire day. she flies out first thing saturday so i will only get to have company for one more day. but it will be good to have my place back. i can focus on my workouts without feeling self conscious about my weight.

a couple days after the official date, i decided to stop being petty and wish 'A' a happy birthday. i wanted to have a conversation but he barely responded and wasn't attentive. i deleted the number again.

i saw a couple of shirts that i want, "eat me i'm vegan" and "i'm that song you skipped and found out later it was fire". i'll see i can afford to get them. money is tight and i have to pay property taxes on my home next month. i'm running really low on savings. a new job is now a necessity.

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