a new development in this life.

Sunday, Oct. 01, 2023, 7:16 PM

just when i had a sense of calm, h&r block comes to add another layer of anxiety. once i got that letter for the irs this past friday, i made an appointment for the first available appointment which happens to be on my day off, oct 3. i get a text moments ago saying that my appointment is now for oct 5th at a different location with no explanation. ummm, sorry, i have to work. all my pto and psl+ has been accounted for the rest of the year. i had to reset my appointment for oct 14th, just 11 days before the $4200 is due.

i'm going to call h&r block tomorrow to see if i can get my original appointment back. if not, i pray they don't cancel my next appointment. if i get this new 4x10 schedule, i should have thu-sats available after the 15th if they have to reschedule.

i'm not going to fret about it. i prayed about it and i'm going to surrender everything over to God. i can't handle the stress of it anymore. i still need to pay the taxes on my house in december, deal with a payment arrangement with the irs, get the rest of the house fixed, find a new place in arizona then move.

and i prayed about the medication to reverse the alopecia. God's answer was to surrender to the process. so today is the official day that i go on medication for the rest of my life. finasteride and minoxidil. a take 1 mg of finasteride and a .25 mg of minoxidil. my hope is that i don't suffer the side effects but only the benefits of them. i checked online and it's going to be about 6 months before i start seeing any changes.

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