good news - size 10 jeans. (two days worth of jounaling)

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, 12:19 PM

so a quick update.

i got on the scale this morning. i'm down to approx 193/194 pounds. it's an old analog scale so it's hard to distinguish between those little lines. but get this. last night i started looking at myself in the mirror and i look considerably smaller. so much smaller in fact that i decided to put on a pair of size 10 jeans. not only was i able to get them on with no jumping, but i also was able to zip and button them! this damn weighted hula hoop is working! i've been going strong everyday since nov 1, 2020. sheer experience dictates that 50 lbs lighter, i was in a size 8. easy. now 50 lbs heavier i'm in a size 10 jeans. and i look better in them than i did 4 years ago. i still have a long way to go before i'm really happy but to be honest, i think i just need to lose another 30 and not 50 as i originally intended. and i'm setting a goal to lose an additional 10 lbs this month. can you imagine?! i'll be ready to get my navel re-pierced sooner than expected :)

i'm going to start doing virtual group workout sessions for $10 a session. prayerfully, he'll kick me into shape. i'd like to do 10 sessions total to see where i land. i'm so encouraged that i'm making it a goal to get abs this year.

most of my problem weight is in my torso. stomach, chest, back, arms. my arms are already looking better. they don't look nearly as saggy as they once did. so what i'm doing is working. i know you can't spot target weight loss in specific areas but i'm really focusing my diet really hard this month. no processed food. strictly vegan, smoothies and salads for the month. i have one day completed, just 30 days left. i really need to focus on getting my water in. i'm having a terrible time. i'm so focused on everything else but knocking down water. i'm just not thristy. i've gotten out of the habit of just drinking. i just have to keep reminding myself to drink. i've tried an app but with my phone being on mute during work, there are no notifications to be heard.

i'm currently fasting on friday and saturday. my intention is to focus on God during this time.. listening and praying. with me running errands and studying and doing homework i'm not being as successful as i had hoped but i'm going to do better this week. i need to be better at seeking God and hearing from Him.

i'm also going to start intermittent fasting as well. i was stuck between the idea getting enough calories vs getting enough nutrients. i think i found my answer tonight. i know i have. i ate an additional salad tonight thinking that i needed to get in more calories eating outside my 8-hr window. i won't do that again. i need to focus on nutrients more so than calories. because i at that salad, i'm so stuffed that i'm fighting sleep. if i didn't have to study i'd pass out for the evening. going forward, i won't be eating after i clock out at 5:30.

that's the good news i have to share.

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