c'est la vie

Thursday, May. 05, 2022, 11:24 AM

ok it's unofficially official. i'm in perimenopause.

i check the symptoms that i'm experiencing and it's not all because of the fibroids. i'm experiencing some urinary incontinence and undeniable period changes. my period was 9 days late and it's still spotty. i did research online about perimenopause and it said that because of hormone changes in estrogen and a weaker pelvic floor that i can experience urinary incontinence. i have never sneezed so much in the past few months...and for no reason. i don't have allergies, i'm not sick. but hey, c'est la vie.

this cycle, my period consists of light spotting. drastically different from last month as i bled like a stuck pig.

i'm doing my best to change my perspective on things. i.e., this is a new chapter in my life. my body is changing as it was always designed to change. this is not happening to me but i'm changing. growth in stages.

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